Welcome to Scire Projects. This is the stuff I’m working on. Some I do just for me, some I do for others because they give me money. Fortunately, most of the stuff I do where people give me money is for things I like to do. That’s a good thing. I try not to do anything I don’t care passionately about. Best advice I ever got: “Find something you like, then just do it. The money will take care of itself.” Second best piece of advice I ever got: “Open the door, let them out.”   One last piece of advice I truly love: “Life’s complicated.” The first came from a friend (JOJ) when I worked at a shoe company; the second from a really smart guy (Freeman Dyson) I met when I was teaching middle school: and the last, from a kid I know (Fischer) when he was just learning to talk.

Favorite quote that I had hanging in my classroom when I taught: “To win, you must risk losing.” – Francesco Moser. We tell kids this all the time in education, but don’t really mean it. I did. Still do. I try things (like rafting the Pacuare River with my wild child daughter) that are risky. Some more than others. I’ve made risky moves in my career (you walked away from Nike to teach, really?) but are worth every nervous second. Things work out, or not. But mostly, yes.Basically, I love to work on interesting things, have been known to give my time and ideas away for free, and generally miss being in the classroom so much, I’ll jump at any chance to work with educators and students and share the stuff I know something about.

You can find some of the stuff I work on through this site. If you want to get in touch with me–you have work, want to collaborate, or want me to share my adventure at your school through PD or classroom visits–hit me up on the usual social network sites.